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What this blog is about June 4, 2012

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In this, my first official blog entry, I guess it would be customary to talk about where I’m from and maybe what I “do” in “real life”.  It might even be considered normal to mention my name and to hint at my age bracket (if you’re really interested, there are some basic “me” facts in the “About Sugarduck” rubric at the upper left of this page).  But this is not a blog about who I am.  This is a blog about my three favorite hobbies – sewing, saving money, and attempting to appear as though I’ve participated in neither of those activities.


You see, I love window shopping, but I also love avoiding debt.  So if I want to wear any of those way-outside-of-my-teensy-budget items that so effectively draw me to gaze longingly at all those fancy window displays, I’m going to have to make them myself.  That said, I don’t love wearing clothes that look “homemade”…you know, the kind of clothes that lead people to ask “Oh, did you make that?” without any sort of follow up commentary.  I strive to make well-executed “semi-reproductions” of the looks I like, using what I do have – a second hand sewing machine and some rudimentary puzzle solving skills.  And sometimes I just happen to succeed in what I set out to do.


But don’t get me wrong, it’s not about wanting to trick other people into thinking I’m wearing such-and-such brand.  I could honestly care less about all of that.  For me, it really is all about the thrill of finding a look I love, trying to figure out how it was made, then diving in head-first and seeing what I come up with.  Sometimes I end up with a garment that’s pretty darn close to the original, and sometimes said garment ends up a beast all its own.  The actual fun is in trying to solve the puzzle of the original garment’s construction.  The goal is not necessarily to produce a straight knock-off (though it is pretty satisfying to see how close I can get sometimes), but to use inspiration taken from shops, magazines, and a number of other sources, to help build myself a wardrobe full of clothes that I love and that make me feel good.


That’s what this blog is about.


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